Top 10 Personal Development Books

If you’ve ever seen or heard me on stage or in an interview, you know I have a deep, abiding love for books. I feed my addiction to learning and information by carefully curating books that can either inform, inspire, or entertainment…and occasionally all 3 at once.

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In no particular order, here are my top 10 recommended personal development books:

1. The Slight Edge : This book does a brilliant job of helping you understand how the small choices you make accumulate to create your life.

Good for: anyone interested in creating a legacy or going after a big goal that has to be achieved through the right habits (think: becoming a millionaire or losing weight).


2. Silent Power : I’ve read Silent Power at least four times since I bought it. It’s a mind-blowing primer on how to manage your own aura and personality in a way that serves you and increases your attractiveness. I live by many of the principles in this book.

Good for: anybody frustrated with how people respond to them, folks with social anxiety, anyone who wants to obtain power without being gross or obnoxious about it


3. Maximum Achievement : I’m a big Brian Tracy fan in general, but this is my favorite book of his. In it, he shares a principle that is a cornerstone of my life and decision-making: Choose peace for yourself and organize your life around having peace. This book was a game changer for me.

Good for: anybody in their own way, people who want to achieve more rather than just being busy


4. Excuses Begone : Wayne Dyer is a prolific author who manages to make spiritual ideas practical. I love his style of writing because he’s so honest. This book is one of my faves because he really challenges the reader to stop settling and start living in accordance with what s/he really wants. I finished this book massively inspired. I made different decisions as a result of reading it, and I still refer back to what I learned.

Good for: anybody who feels “stuck” and people who feel life has beat them down


5. Psychocybernetics : This is a really old book that was updated by the well-known internet marketing author Dan Kennedy. I read the updated version and really enjoyed it. The book breaks down the mechanics of aligning thoughts and actions. It deals with eradicating negative thinking and creating positive momentum in life.

Good for: anybody who wants to understand the whole “positive thinking” thing and make it work for them


6. Thinking for a Change: John C. Maxwell is one of my favorite authors because he has actually walked his talk. He talks extensively about leadership and lifestyle design, and he is able to draw from personal experience in doing so. This book is a fave because he breaks down how important it is to think critically about every aspect of your life. Basically, most folks don’t spend enough time thinking about their lives because they’re busy going through the motions. He encourages the reader to actually think and analyze life, and if it’s not headed in the right direction, change it.

Good for: anybody who wants to create a shift in their lives, anybody questioning whether their life is as good as it could be


7. The Powermind System: This was one of the first personal development books I ever read, and it changed my life. This book clocks in at 400+ pages, but it’s very much worth it. Michael Monroe Kiefer does a great job of breaking down success mechanics and giving the reader a clear blueprint for redesigning his/her life.

Good for: anyone wanting to “start over” or take a different approach to live, anyone who wants a systematic way to approach setting and achieving goals


8. How Did I Get Here?: Barbara De Angelis is an amazingly brilliant spiritual thought leader. In this book, she shares her own story and calls the reader to higher ground with compassion and empathy. I love this book because I read it during one of the darkest times in my life. It helped me find my way back to myself and rethink the people and situations that were keeping me in dysfunction.

Good for: anybody going through a really difficult time, anyone frustrated with how life has turned out and wanting to do something about it


9. The Law of Success : Napoleon Hill is an OG of personal development. He wrote Think & Grow Rich which is actually an abridged version of The Law of Success. I’ll warn you – the Law of Success is really, really long. It looks like a text book. But it’s so, so good. What I like most is that Napoleon Hill’s recommendations are data-based. He actually studied what worked and then formulated guiding principles based on that.

Good for: anyone who wants a thorough primer on success


10. The Bible : Regardless of belief system or religion, the Bible offers up legit advice on life. From handling money to shaking haters off, there’s lots of good insight – especially in Proverbs, James, and Ephesians.

Good for: anybody who wants to be inspired, anybody seeking timeless wisdom for managing life


Honorable Mentions:

Eat That Frog – This is the best book I’ve ever read on productivity. Brian Tracy does a brilliant job of offering up a time management system that’s easy to use and super effective. I highly recommend for anybody dealing with overwhelm or wanting to do a better job of managing time.

The Power of Positive Thinking – Norman Vincent Peale wrote this book forever ago, but it still offers so much practical guidance in coping with the stresses of life and pursuing success. It was the first personal development book I ever read, and it changed the course of my life.

I’ll do a similar post on Business books, Career books, and Relationship books. Yes, I’ve read that many. Stay tuned. 🙂