Live with Lisa: Keep a Little, Have a Lot – Audio Interview w/ the Minimalists

This week, The Minimalists stopped by to share their new book, Minimalism, with me. Of course, I picked their brains about what minimalism is all about and sorted out the most practical aspects of minimalism.

We covered:
-How Josh and Ryan became minimalists and why
-The crazy hours Josh keeps (and why)
-3 ways to approach adopting a minimalist lifestyle (chunking all your stuff is NOT necessary!)
-How minimalist philosophy applies to various aspects of life (e.g. health, finances, relationships)
-How to overcome perfectionism
-Bonus: How the guys deal with writer’s block and crank out consistently awesome content

Listen to the interview below.


Click to tweet the amazing quote from Josh during the interview:
“Perfectionism is the enemy of productivity.” #livewithlisa