The Latest on Lisa – Oct 2013

There’s been a lot of fantastic activity in Lisa land lately. So much to share. But most importantly, I’m really happy. Everything is moving at a nice pace.

Here we go:


So I’ve appeared on Pivot, Participant Media’s new network for Millennials, a couple times.

Talking with Cara on Take Part Live about the series I created, produced, and directed, The American Dream Revised.:

Sharing insight on failure and career success with speaker Josh Shipp:


I penned a piece for Forbes entitled “The Real Reason Women Aren’t Receiving Venture Capital” – this is a continuation of my efforts to create more opportunities for women to excel in media and tech.



I’ll be on stage several times in the next few months. If you’re in LA, mark your calendar. If you’re not in LA, book a flight.

Women in the Entertainment Industry – The Arc Noho – December 5 – Panel Moderator

NFTE Youth Entrepreneurship Conference – USC – December 10 – Keynote Speaker

Black History Month program – Google – February – Panel Moderator



I attended the Unlikely Heroes event in Hollywood this month. The event is hosted by an organization working to end human trafficking worldwide. This is a great cause – I also contributed to the End Sex Trafficking Day book created by Erin Giles.



Some people know that my two loves can be reduced to stories and code. I love media and I love tech. So when I haven’t been in the throes of writing, shooting, or running ILMG, I’ve been advising startups that are looking to get integrated into Hollywood. I get to employ a wide range of my skills and create a measurable impact which makes me happy. Here’s a recent deal.


So that’s a sample of what’s new and exciting. As always, there’s more in the oven. Stay tuned.