The Latest on Lisa – February (and part of March)

LisanicoleBellThe year is off to a fantastic start. I can’t remember a time when I was more clear about what I want in life. It’s inspiring and refreshing…and there’s a focus and tenacity that comes with clarity.

WORK: January was productive – we are preparing to launch The American Dream Revised next week (the episodes look ah-maaaaazing) and I’m working on early iterations of what the new will look like although I’m seriously considering changing the name. Anyway, I created a bunch of content and started onboarding a bunch of new folks that will help me make magic. It’s exciting.

On the personal brand front, there are a few cool things happening. I’m now a columnist for ad:tech where I’ll be writing on my take on branding and marketing from a Millennial perspective.

I’ve been invited to moderate a panel on digital media hosted by Blacks in Tech at SXSW. I’m excited to share the knowledge that I (and my panelists) have and meet new people. I’ll also be sitting on a media panel for Black Founders and moderating a panel on startups.

Of course, there are other things cooking, but that’s all I’ll speak on for now.

LIFE: I’ve come to realize that people use the word “friend” way too loosely. People can be unbelievably fickle and inauthentic. I’m clear about the importance of truth in my relationships, even when it’s inconvenient or uncomfortable. It’s liberating to be clear about how I choose to deal with people and what I’ll accept from other people in personal relationships.

The other thing I’ve accepted is that people are not all good or all bad. We’ve all got light to shine, and we all have shadows. It’s important to remain mindful of this because you can find yourself in situations you never dreamed you would if you don’t stay vigilant about your personal standards. I’m currently reading The Energy of Money which has really revealed more life lessons than money lessons. I highly recommend it.

PLAY: So, I’m going glassblowing next weekend. And it will be awesome. Pics will follow.

Until next time…