The 5 Habits

I recently heard a simple yet fantastic concept that revealed the beautiful simplicity of becoming successful.

John C. Maxwell suggests that that habits can make us or break us. And taking that idea further, there are things we can do daily to truly make a difference in the long-term prospects for our success. In fact, there are   just 5 of them.

Think about the most important things you can or “should” do daily: exercise, prayer, meaningful actions towards goals, saving money, etc. What if you consistently did the 5 things on your list? How would the rest of the year be different for you?

In contemplating this concept, I whittled my list (which started with 12 things – yikes!) down to 5.
1. Writing
2. Reading
3. Exercise
4. Revisiting my goals
5. Experiencing something inspiring

In doing so, I gained new levels of clarity about what’s really important versus what just maintains my current lot. After all, there’s a distinct difference between going after what you really want and avoiding what you don’t want. Perhaps you decide that the 5 habits are ideal for Monday through Friday or perhaps you spread your 5 habits out across each week. The most important thing to leverage here is TIME – the fact that we have 52 weeks in a year and 365 days in a year.

So, what will your 5 Habits be?