Behind the Brilliance 080: Erica Nicole

THE SHOW: This week’s show is filled to overflowing with wisdom, smart advice, and useful observations about life and career. My guest, Erica Nicole, is the definition of a smart and driven person who turned a personal blog into a thriving business and showed an entire generation of young entrepreneurs how to achieve their dreams […]

Behind the Brilliance 046: Shara Senderoff


THE SHOW: This week, the awesome and smart Shara Senderoff joins me to discuss her path to becoming a movie producer and creating a successful tech startup, Career Sushu (formerly known as Intern Sushi). We also talk about the importance of decisiveness, how she maintains balance amidst a slate of various projects, and why she […]

Me for Forbes: The Real Reason Women Aren’t Receiving Venture Capital

You might already know that there are 2 things that get me excited: entertainment and tech. But what you might not know is that I’ve become increasingly more active in the tech space. I’ve been transferring my knowledge of starting and running a business to entrepreneurs and also participating in initiatives designed to increase the […]