Divine Inspirations

Divine Inspirations teaches you how to apply spiritual principles to the practical aspects of your life. Love, peace, joy, and harmony sounds great in theory, but what does “joy” look like when you’re running late and stuck in traffic? How does “love” show up when you want to keep the trash and throw your spouse out? Divine Inspirations breaks lofty ideals down to practical nuggets that you can apply immediately to design a lifestyle that serves and nurtures you. Your mind and spirit will be ripe with inspiration and excellence.



The Legacy Letters

The Legacy Letters is an anthology that features 30 women answering a single question: If you could sit in a room with your 16 year old self and offer advice on life, love, and success, what would you say? The result is an inspiring compilation of wisdom on everything from self-esteem to saving money. Featured contributors include Rich Dad, Poor Dad co-author Sharon Lechter and Charlotte Pontecelli, the former Senior Coordinator for International Women’s Issues for the US State Department.

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