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Speaking + Appearances


Date                             Event                                                                                                             City

January 23              Startup California  & Chapman University                                Orange, CA

January 28               Dell Women Entrepreneur Event                                             Los Angeles, CA

January 31               Young Entrepreneur Council Mixer                                         Los Angeles, CA

February 6               Google Black History Month event                                           Los Angeles, CA

February 12            Technori LA

February 20           Startups Uncensored                                                                        Los Angeles, CA

March 8                   Black Founders Conference                                                            Austin, TX

March 8-17              South by Southwest  (SXSW)                                                        Austin, TX

April 3                      Google – Blacks in Technology                                                       Los Angeles, CA

April 13                    Business Builders Immersion                                                   Nassau, Bahamas

April 25                   Young Entrepreneur Council pitch day                                     Los Angeles, CA

May 23                     The American Dream Revised Screening                                 Los Angeles, CA

June 22                    Happy Black Woman Happy Hour                                              Los Angeles, CA

November 8          CROWDFUNDx Women                                                                  Palo Alto, CA