Season 2 of BTB

It’s heeeeere! Season 2 of Behind the Brilliance (BTB) starts today! If you’re a regular listener, you’re all, “But it’s Friday! We were supposed to get all this yummy LNB goodness yesterday!” You’re right, dear listener. There was a technical glitch with the hosting platform that’s squared away now.

A little about what’s new and what’s not for Season 2: I got a tremendous response to the ‘Birthday’ episode which was essentially me just rambling. Okay, it wasn’t me rambling – it was me discussing the top lessons I had learned in the past year of my life. Apparently, folks really enjoyed that because I’ve gotten a lot of emails, tweets, FB messages, and in person comments about it.

So as I started thinking about Season 2, I decided to do more of those episodes that allow me to share things I’ve learned, observations I’ve made, and little shots of inspiration. I see every form of media as a vehicle for me to light the world up in some way so I’m excited about giving people what they want.

With that said, interviews will still be a part of the show. Instead of having an interview every week, the interviews will be even more carefully curated than before with an emphasis on creative people. I think you’ll appreciate this new focus and enjoy the deep dive of what goes into being a person who consistently and courageously puts creative work into the world.

As I always say, I’m grateful for the folks who listen to the show. I love creating things and having people enjoy it is just fabulous.

Lastly, if there’s anything you want to know or hear answered, you can submit questions to btb at lisanicolebell dot com.