Risk and Regret

I was recently asked an interesting question by an aspiring producer/entrepreneur:

“How do you deal with risk? I want to go after my dreams, but it just feels so risky.”

My first instinct was to reduce the answer to just do it, but I hate when people give oversimplified answers. Here’s what I said (and maybe this inspires you or gets you thinking):

“Everyone has to choose between risk or regret. People who insist on not taking risks eventually have to deal with the bitter taste of regret and wondering what would have happened if they have given it a shot. People who can’t bear the thought of living what a bunch of “what ifs” and regret have to get used to taking calculated risks. For anyone who wants to be successful, there is no way around this. But in the words of Helen Keller, life is an endless adventure or nothing at all.”

So, my question to you today is: What are you prepared to risk? Are you ready to leave your comfort zone for what could be on the other side of it? Are you more interested in trying than wondering?

Show up bigger, brighter, and bolder this week. Take risks. The worst that can happen is you fail. And if you learn the lesson, you haven’t really failed. You’ve just found a way that doesn’t work for you in that circumstance. You use that information to increase success in your next effort.

Better to risk and grow than to remain and regret.