Hey hey!

Good news for Angelenos and those who need a super random excuse to come to LA:

Saturday, May 31, I’ll be speaking on the intersection of entertainment, startups, and technology at The Future of Entrepreneurship in Santa Monica, CA.

I’m really excited about this for several reasons:

1. I’m a woman of color who is being given an opportunity to share my perspective on what’s happening in a space where not many people look like me. That’s both refreshing and encouraging.

2. This space is white hot. We’re seeing all kinds of cool social media integrations happening with traditional television, and we’re seeing digital players take content seriously and make sizable investments in it.

3. Startups and entertainment have to learn to play nicely. That includes deal terms, integrations, and everything else. The necessity of Hollywood and Silicon Valley merging is not going anywhere so I’m glad to see a startup conference giving attention to this (and Bitcoin).

So, all of this means I’ll be enthusiastically dropping gems while wearing fabulous shoes. It’s not something you want to miss.

RSVP here and enter code SPEAKER at checkout for complimentary admission: