Letters to Lisa: How can I blend my passions and skills?

Dear Lisa,

I am essentially a quarter-lifer in crisis. I stumbled upon your video on careersoutthere.com addressing trying to find your calling in life. You mentioned finding the connection point between my passions and my skills. However, this is where I am stuck! My passions are traveling,customizing, and learning about different cultures. My skills are troubleshooting, social perceptiveness, and being artistic/creative. Where I am torn the most is how passionate I am of my passions over my skills especially when it comes to travel! Do you know of any extra resources I can use to help me draw my passions and skills together? I am really stuck! At this point, they are running parallel when I need them to be perpendicular. Thanks in advance!


Dear Tatiana,

Thanks for the letter!

Thanks for the email. As far as resources go, my advice would be to start trying things. It’s easy to slip into analysis paralysis and never actually try anything. Experimentation is the more meaningful and efficient way of sorting out what fits best. It’s important to design your life first and then design a business that fits into it. With that in mind, I would recommend starting with a values assessment to figure out what’s most important to you in the grander scheme of things. From there, create a short list of possible paths and start on one.
I would also recommend having conversations with people who are doing what you want to do. I advise hiring a coach or consultant. Most of my clients are under 35 and many have gone through a similar crisis. A coach will be able to help you internally declutter and develop a plan.
Based on the skills and passions you shared, here are a coupleĀ  ideas off the top of my head:
-Lead creative tours in exotic locales throughout the world.
Many people are interested in seeing far-flung destinations but travel can be intimidating. Leading tours for people who are single or seeing a place for the first time is a great way to intersect your love for travel and your social perceptiveness.
-Create a service for companies starting out in international business.
There are social mores, customs, and cultural rules in every country. Many first-time international business people struggle to effortlessly remember that they should bow in Japan or that their French clients are not as likely to be available after hours. Your appreciate for cultures and love for travel would make this opportunity expansive.
As you can see, these are both value-based concepts that people might actually pay money for which means you could build a small business on these ideas. Of course, there are many more ideas and derivatives of these concepts so hopefully these get your creative juices flowing.
Remember the process of living an inspired life:
1. Know your values
2. Assess your advantages
3. Evaluate your passions
4. Find a lucrative market
5. Experiment
And never forget that a failure is better than an untested idea. Do your research, take intelligent risks, and enjoy the journey to uncovering the perfect career.