Crystal + Lucy Awards honored my PSA!

Shortly after I began my career as an actress, I started to have this weird feeling that I wasn’t doing enough. It wasn’t that I wasn’t auditioning or working enough. It was that I felt the scope of my talents and skills wasn’t being fully employed.

I decided early on that my goal was to die full of experiences and emptied of my talents. I have always had this thing about building a body of work that would outlive me. Of course, I’ve failed many times. Some of my work has flat out sucked. But in some cases, I’ve gotten it right, and I’ve been able to creatively satisfy my soul while achieving my broader mission of using media as a platform to reach people.

Several years back, I got involved with Women in Film’s PSA production program because I thought it’d be a cool way to meet people and keep myself busy. I expected to be asked to be a PA or something, but instead, I was asked to star in the campaign. I was humbled and excited at the opportunity.

When you work on these kinds of projects, you never really know what’s going to happen. I mean, you hope that the project will grow legs and achieve its goals but that really is just a hope. You have to just commit yourself to doing your part and hope the rest works itself out.

This project turned out beautifully and it grew the legs we all hoped for. It won several awards including the Telly Award, and it raised awareness about the issue of displaced and homeless teens.

At this year’s Crystal + Lucy awards, it was honored for its reach and impact. I’m pleasantly surprised and reminded that doing your best in every moment is so important. You never know what may come of your effort and how things may unfold.

You can watch the PSA below.