Check the Clock – Part 1

Spring is almost upon us and soon, it’ll be time to clean. While you’re contemplating what you’ll clean from your life and business, I want to share something else you should do in the next few weeks: a time audit.

A time audit is a systematic, objective observation of every hour of your day. The purpose is to provide a clear, unbiased picture of where your time is going.

Anyone who’s worked with me as a private client knows that I strongly advocate intimate knowledge of your calendar. Time is the most valuable resource you will ever have. You can’t get more of it or get it back. It’s unforgiving, revealing, and elusive all at once.

So, this week I’m challenging you to a time audit. It’s easy to do (and easy not to do).


1. Grab a blank calendar, small notebook, or this template along with a pen.


2. Set an alert on your phone or computer for every 1-3 hours and document what you did during the previous block of time.


3. Repeat for 7 days.


4. Review the calendar without judgment. Next week, I’ll share a set of intelligent and revealing questions that will allow you to analyze your findings.


This exercise is very simple yet very powerful. I advise doing time audits at least twice each year to keep yourself accountable for how you use your most valuable asset.

I’d love to hear how it goes for you. Check back next Monday for Part 2!

  • ~ Great tips Lisa! I totally agree with you!
    I need to try this! =)