Remembering Maya

Instead of mourning Maya Angelou today, let’s celebrate her! Let’s be inspired by her courage, authenticity, and wisdom. Let’s allow that to challenge us to craft legacies that rival hers in their depth. Let’s be people who, like Maya, light the world with the unique gifts we’ve been given. She encouraged me and so many […]

Inc. Omitted Black Women from Their List so I Made One of My Own

What can we do?” “How can I help?” “Where are they?” I’ve heard these questions posed by a venture capitalist, a journalist, and a “thought leader” in the past 6 months. They were asking me about black people – women in particular – in tech. I always hesitate when I’m asked these questions because over […]

The Ambitious Woman’s To Do List

I’m fortunate to be surrounded by friends and colleagues who are ambitious women at various levels. Some are still on the climb up, and others are at the top of their game. I’ve noticed some common threads among them. In no particular order, here they are: 1. Stop whining. Ok look, I’m clear about the […]

On Leaning In: 5 Things Successful Women Do Differently

Sheryl Sandberg’s new book, Lean In, has started a national conversation about women in the workplace and how modern women should approach work/life balance.  Setting aside the fact that I don’t believe in the concept of work/life balance, I think it’s healthy for women to have these discussions. What’s frustrating is the people who bring […]