The Latest on Lisa – Nov/Dec 2014

The second half of this year has been crazy busy with new projects. It’s what I like to call the “good kind of busy” because it’s actually productive and it centers on things I love. Projects: -I’m really excited about a sex trafficking project I’m developing. I can’t say more than that right now, but […]

Lisa Nicole Bell on The Bizz Plan

I’m one of four folks featured in a new series called The Bizz Plan (currently on Issa Rae’s YouTube channel) which goes inside the minds of game changers to get their perspective on success and business. I shared my thoughts on entrepreneurship along with a few tips specifically for women in business. Watch:  

Season 2 of BTB

It’s heeeeere! Season 2 of Behind the Brilliance (BTB) starts today! If you’re a regular listener, you’re all, “But it’s Friday! We were supposed to get all this yummy LNB goodness yesterday!” You’re right, dear listener. There was a technical glitch with the hosting platform that’s squared away now. A little about what’s new and […]

Crystal + Lucy Awards honored my PSA!

Shortly after I began my career as an actress, I started to have this weird feeling that I wasn’t doing enough. It wasn’t that I wasn’t auditioning or working enough. It was that I felt the scope of my talents and skills wasn’t being fully employed. I decided early on that my goal was to […]


Hey hey! Good news for Angelenos and those who need a super random excuse to come to LA: Saturday, May 31, I’ll be speaking on the intersection of entertainment, startups, and technology at The Future of Entrepreneurship in Santa Monica, CA. I’m really excited about this for several reasons: 1. I’m a woman of color […]

New Podcast – Behind the Brilliance

Exciting news! I’ve launched a new podcast called Behind the Brilliance. It’s a weekly show that will feature in depth conversations with inspiring and interesting people. The guest will be a mix of folks in art, business, technology, and personal development. Click here to subscribe on iTunes: New episodes go up every Thursday via […]

The Latest on Lisa – March 2014

2014 is off to a fast start – it’s already March! I’ve got some exciting projects unfolding – here they are: Inspired Life Media: We have some cool clients doing interesting things, and I’m excited about helping them tell their stories in interesting ways. Stealth Venture: I’m working on a big new media venture with […]