Worry Is A Waste

Worry has been described as a prayer for what we don’t want or a negative contribution to the future. I admit that I used to be a worry wart – I would agonize for days and sometimes weeks over things. I’d worry about my health, my money, my career, my family, my dog, my supply […]

Success vs Significance

Lately I’ve been giving more thought to the difference between success and significance. There was a time when success was my top priority – I wanted to make a certain amount of money and have a certain amount of shoes, and buy a certain amount of nail polish because I felt that would somehow validate […]

Risk and Regret

I was recently asked an interesting question by an aspiring producer/entrepreneur: “How do you deal with risk? I want to go after my dreams, but it just feels so risky.” My first instinct was to reduce the answer to just do it, but I hate when people give oversimplified answers. Here’s what I said (and […]

Remembering Maya

Instead of mourning Maya Angelou today, let’s celebrate her! Let’s be inspired by her courage, authenticity, and wisdom. Let’s allow that to challenge us to craft legacies that rival hers in their depth. Let’s be people who, like Maya, light the world with the unique gifts we’ve been given. She encouraged me and so many […]

What I Know For Sure

1. There is a force bigger than me who created me and is guiding me, protecting me, and ordering my steps.   2. Your intuition will never lead you wrong.   3. The people in your life create the wind beneath your wings or the drag on top of them. Choose wisely.   4. Rejection […]

Top 10 Personal Development Books

If you’ve ever seen or heard me on stage or in an interview, you know I have a deep, abiding love for books. I feed my addiction to learning and information by carefully curating books that can either inform, inspire, or entertainment…and occasionally all 3 at once. If you hover over the name of each […]

10 Things Every Dreamer Should Know

As someone who’s had careers in multiple spaces (personal development, entertainment, education), I know how hard it is to make a dream come true. Sometimes you wonder whether it’s ever going to happen and sometimes the dream comes true at an unexpected time. Fortunately, I’ve learned a lot to take with me on the way […]

How to Deal with People Copying Your Work


“They say imitation is the highest form of flattery, but I just think it’s annoying.” –Pink I’m the creator, director, and executive producer (along with Bridgette Wright) of the American Dream Revised, a web-based docuseries and blog. The project’s purpose was to tell the stories of Millennials who have started companies since the economic downturn. […]