Crystal + Lucy Awards honored my PSA!

Shortly after I began my career as an actress, I started to have this weird feeling that I wasn’t doing enough. It wasn’t that I wasn’t auditioning or working enough. It was that I felt the scope of my talents and skills wasn’t being fully employed. I decided early on that my goal was to […]

New Podcast – Behind the Brilliance

Exciting news! I’ve launched a new podcast called Behind the Brilliance. It’s a weekly show that will feature in depth conversations with inspiring and interesting people. The guest will be a mix of folks in art, business, technology, and personal development. Click here to subscribe on iTunes: New episodes go up every Thursday via […]

Tapestry: 10 Commandments for Creatives


As a lover of technology, I’m always stumbling on new and interesting apps and companies. I recently discovered Tapestry, a cool storytelling app. Read Pando Daily’s piece on it for a full description. I downloaded the app to my iPhone and played with it and loved it. So, I made my own entitled 10 Commandments […]

3 Reasons I Want House of Cards to Win

Anyone who’s been within five feet of me in the past few days has heard me talking about the new Netflix show, House of Cards. The show’s $50 million price tag and full season release has inspired new conversations about the future of digital content. The dialog about the ongoing tug of war between Hollywood […]