No Is Not a Four Letter Word

Psychology Today recently ran a great story about the word “no” and how difficult it is to say and hear it. I had long developed comfort with saying no, but I realized that saying no is not just about uttering the word; it’s about being comfortable with the thought processes and emotions behind it.   […]

Top 10 Personal Development Books

If you’ve ever seen or heard me on stage or in an interview, you know I have a deep, abiding love for books. I feed my addiction to learning and information by carefully curating books that can either inform, inspire, or entertainment…and occasionally all 3 at once. If you hover over the name of each […]

The Four Most Dangerous Words

I like to read. No, scratch that – I love to read.  Okay, okay – I consume information ravenously. One day I got an email from a reader who said, “I notice you talk about books a lot. You seem really smart. Why do you read so much?” Whenever someone is brave enough to share […]

#LisaLikes – Gratitude365

I recently discovered my new favorite app (I have frequent appgasms) during a search for a virtual gratitude journal. Before I tell you about the awesome app, let’s talk about gratitude and why it matters. It’s been said that gratitude unlocks the door to abundance. That when we are grateful for hat we have, what […]

5 Questions to Ask Yourself for 2014

By now, we all know that resolutions don’t work. We also know that goal setting is important, but goals need guidance – a set of principles or values that inform them and make them meaningful. The best insights won’t come from a list of things you should do this year. They’re going to come from […]

On Authenticity

If you do nothing else in your life except become a self-actualized and authentic person, you will have accomplished an amazing feat.   I’m sharing this during the holidays because this time of year seems to be plagued with pretending. Family members harboring secrets, people faking happiness, couples keeping up appearances – and let me […]