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Top 10 Personal Development Books

If you’ve ever seen or heard me on stage or in an interview, you know I have a deep, abiding love for books. I feed my addiction to learning and information by carefully curating books that can either inform, inspire, or entertainment…and occasionally all 3 at once. If you hover over the name of each […]

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It’s almost February. Do you know where your goals are?

Here we are at the end of January preparing to close out the first month of the year. This is the time when folks get lulled into not pursuing the goals they were so amped about just weeks ago. It went from Week 1: “Woo hoo! This is MY year. I’m gonna CRUSH IT THIS […]

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The Four Most Dangerous Words

I like to read. No, scratch that – I love to read.  Okay, okay – I consume information ravenously. One day I got an email from a reader who said, “I notice you talk about books a lot. You seem really smart. Why do you read so much?” Whenever someone is brave enough to share […]

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