Behind the Brilliance 116: To Don’t List 2017

This week’s episode is a solo talk on the 11 things we should all stop doing in 2017. A lot of “to do” lists come out near the top of the year, but I decided there were more things we should probably quit than start. LISTEN: STUFF MENTIONED IN THIS EPISODE Episode 26: Envy vs […]

Behind the Brilliance 115: Tina Lifford

THE SHOW This show should be titled Hustle and Heart because those are the two things Tina Lifford has in spades. This conversation tells the story of Tina turning her wishful dream into a thriving career, recovering from major life setbacks, and developing the grit and clarity necessary to courageously live life the way she […]

The Latest on Lisa – Oct 2013


There’s been a lot of fantastic activity in Lisa land lately. So much to share. But most importantly, I’m really happy. Everything is moving at a nice pace. Here we go: LISA IN ACTION: So I’ve appeared on Pivot, Participant Media’s new network for Millennials, a couple times. Talking with Cara on Take Part Live […]

Get out your trash can and read this

I recently heard about Heidi Klum and Seal’s divorce through the social media grapevine. I was surprised because they always seemed to have such a solid relationship. That was until I watched Seal’s interview with Ellen DeGeneres where he explained that they had grown apart and that above all else, they kept the respect for […]

Check the Clock – Part 1

Spring is almost upon us and soon, it’ll be time to clean. While you’re contemplating what you’ll clean from your life and business, I want to share something else you should do in the next few weeks: a time audit. A time audit is a systematic, objective observation of every hour of your day. The […]

Letters to Lisa: How can I blend my passions and skills?

Dear Lisa, I am essentially a quarter-lifer in crisis. I stumbled upon your video on addressing trying to find your calling in life. You mentioned finding the connection point between my passions and my skills. However, this is where I am stuck! My passions are traveling,customizing, and learning about different cultures. My skills are […]

Live with Lisa: Keep a Little, Have a Lot – Audio Interview w/ the Minimalists

This week, The Minimalists stopped by to share their new book, Minimalism, with me. Of course, I picked their brains about what minimalism is all about and sorted out the most practical aspects of minimalism. We covered: -How Josh and Ryan became minimalists and why -The crazy hours Josh keeps (and why) -3 ways to […]