The Latest on Lisa – Oct 2013


There’s been a lot of fantastic activity in Lisa land lately. So much to share. But most importantly, I’m really happy. Everything is moving at a nice pace. Here we go: LISA IN ACTION: So I’ve appeared on Pivot, Participant Media’s new network for Millennials, a couple times. Talking with Cara on Take Part Live […]

Get out your trash can and read this

I recently heard about Heidi Klum and Seal’s divorce through the social media grapevine. I was surprised because they always seemed to have such a solid relationship. That was until I watched Seal’s interview with Ellen DeGeneres where he explained that they had grown apart and that above all else, they kept the respect for […]

Check the Clock – Part 1

Spring is almost upon us and soon, it’ll be time to clean. While you’re contemplating what you’ll clean from your life and business, I want to share something else you should do in the next few weeks: a time audit. A time audit is a systematic, objective observation of every hour of your day. The […]

Letters to Lisa: How can I blend my passions and skills?

Dear Lisa, I am essentially a quarter-lifer in crisis. I stumbled upon your video on addressing trying to find your calling in life. You mentioned finding the connection point between my passions and my skills. However, this is where I am stuck! My passions are traveling,customizing, and learning about different cultures. My skills are […]

Live with Lisa: Keep a Little, Have a Lot – Audio Interview w/ the Minimalists

This week, The Minimalists stopped by to share their new book, Minimalism, with me. Of course, I picked their brains about what minimalism is all about and sorted out the most practical aspects of minimalism. We covered: -How Josh and Ryan became minimalists and why -The crazy hours Josh keeps (and why) -3 ways to […]