Behind the Brilliance 20: Shane Snow

“It’s easier to start a revolution than a successful lemonade stand.” -Shane Snow This episode is one of my favorites so far. Shane Snow, Chief Creative Officer at Contently and author of the soon-to-be-released book, Smartcuts, joined me to discuss his work, how his company was born, and what he learned while writing his book. […]


Hey hey! Good news for Angelenos and those who need a super random excuse to come to LA: Saturday, May 31, I’ll be speaking on the intersection of entertainment, startups, and technology at The Future of Entrepreneurship in Santa Monica, CA. I’m really excited about this for several reasons: 1. I’m a woman of color […]

Recap: Google’s Black History Month Event – LA

Last Wednesday, Google held its annual Black History Month event in Los Angeles. Technologists, entrepreneurs, and tech groupies came to what was an awesome evening. I moderated an awesome panel of blacks in and around tech here in LA. Great advice flowed from the panel so I’m recapping some of the awesomeness here for anyone […]

How to Deal with People Copying Your Work


“They say imitation is the highest form of flattery, but I just think it’s annoying.” –Pink I’m the creator, director, and executive producer (along with Bridgette Wright) of the American Dream Revised, a web-based docuseries and blog. The project’s purpose was to tell the stories of Millennials who have started companies since the economic downturn. […]

Me for Forbes: The Real Reason Women Aren’t Receiving Venture Capital

You might already know that there are 2 things that get me excited: entertainment and tech. But what you might not know is that I’ve become increasingly more active in the tech space. I’ve been transferring my knowledge of starting and running a business to entrepreneurs and also participating in initiatives designed to increase the […]

How to Deal with Envy

You’ve probably had the experience of moving along through your work day and seeing a tweet or Facebook post about a competitor or someone you secretly envy. Maybe it’s that they just raised a huge series A round while you’re still trying to close out a seed round. Maybe they scored major press and you’re […]

Secrets to Successful Negotiation Pt 2

In last week’s post about negotiation, I noted the importance of being a good negotiator. Even if you’re not Olivia Pope, you’ll need to persuade someone to do something at some point. Because I’m a nice person and your virtual bestie, I’ve created a list of tips to make you more effective as a negotiator. […]