The Ambitious Woman’s To Do List

I’m fortunate to be surrounded by friends and colleagues who are ambitious women at various levels. Some are still on the climb up, and others are at the top of their game. I’ve noticed some common threads among them. In no particular order, here they are: 1. Stop whining. Ok look, I’m clear about the […]

What Could You Achieve in 230 Hours?

The Math of Doing Amazing Things One of the most fundamental desires driven people share is greatness. We want to fulfill our potential and experience the joy and fulfillment that comes from doing great work. With the end of the year approaching, it’s time to start thinking about goals for 2014. Let me ask you: […]

Secrets to Successful Negotiation Pt 2

In last week’s post about negotiation, I noted the importance of being a good negotiator. Even if you’re not Olivia Pope, you’ll need to persuade someone to do something at some point. Because I’m a nice person and your virtual bestie, I’ve created a list of tips to make you more effective as a negotiator. […]

4 Traits of Outstanding Leaders

From the time I was very young, I was told I was a “natural leader” – at certain points in my life, that may have been a euphemism for “bossy” more than a compliment to my talent. As I got older, leadership roles came easily and felt natural so I continued to take them on. […]

Surviving Sausage Fest: What to do when you’re the only woman in the room

Editorial Note: This post is intended to poke fun at the male/female dynamic in the workplace. Take it with a can of salt and a smile. After starting my first business at 19 and continuing to create projects and companies, I’ve frequently found myself dealing with men…the high powered, testerone-oozing-from-their-pores variety.   At first, it […]

The Achiever’s Identity Crisis

A friend recently told me the sad news about  the suicide of a physician in his hometown who was wildly successful and found himself battling regulatory issues that shut his business down. Without an explicit suicide note, we never really know why someone decides to take their life, but context suggests that he felt that […]