Behind the Brilliance 121: Andrew Newberg on how God changes your brain

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THE SHOW This episode is a spiritual nerd’s dream come true. I sat down with Dr. Andrew Newberg to talk about how meditation, prayer, and religion change your brain. As a researcher, he’s a pioneer in the neurotheology. We discuss how he got his start, what he’s found in his research, and how all of […]

Behind the Brilliance 119: Andrea Pippins

THE SHOW This episode isĀ  lovely continuation of my Black History Month themed interviews although anyone can appreciate the humor and wisdom in this episode. I sat down with the multitalented artist Andrea Pippins to discuss everything from life as a creative to minimalism to living abroad. This conversation will be a shot of inspiration […]

Behind the Brilliance 117: Damon Young

THE SHOW This episode is the perfect kickoff to Black History Month. Writer and Very Smart Brothas founder Damon Young joined me for a funny and fascinating conversation about his journey from basketball star to writer. Beyond sharing his witty observations, Damon shares the things he’s learned as he’s made excellence a priority in his […]