Behind the Brilliance 119: Andrea Pippins

THE SHOW This episode isĀ  lovely continuation of my Black History Month themed interviews although anyone can appreciate the humor and wisdom in this episode. I sat down with the multitalented artist Andrea Pippins to discuss everything from life as a creative to minimalism to living abroad. This conversation will be a shot of inspiration […]

Behind the Brilliance 117: Damon Young

THE SHOW This episode is the perfect kickoff to Black History Month. Writer and Very Smart Brothas founder Damon Young joined me for a funny and fascinating conversation about his journey from basketball star to writer. Beyond sharing his witty observations, Damon shares the things he’s learned as he’s made excellence a priority in his […]

Behind the Brilliance 113: Alyse Killeen


THE SHOW What does it look like when your perfect career finds you instead of you stressing out about finding it? My conversation in this episode answers that question. Alyse Killeen is a venture capitalist, founder of City Fellows and Women in Venture, and a smart (and let’s be honest, woke) woman who roots for […]

Behind the Brilliance 112: Six in 2016

To close out the year, I decided to share the six things I learned and recap my year. If you’re feeling anxiety about 2017, this episode will be (hopefully) give you a shot of optimism and encouragement. If you’re excited about 2017, this will sprinkle more hype on your excitement. LISTEN:  

Behind the Brilliance 111: Tamara Floyd

Tamara Floyd Headshot-1

THE SHOW This week’s guest is hobby blogger turned entrepreneur Tamara Floyd. After launching Natural Hair Rules to scratch her own itch, she grew it into a six figure business and helped thousands of women along the way. In this episode, we talk about Tamara’s early days in her career, the art and importance of […]