Behind the Brilliance 132: Season 6 Recap

Season 6 was a solid collection of conversations from an eclectic array of folks including writers, entrepreneurs, actors, and artists. I’m grateful to the amazing guests who generously shared their time and opened up about their experiences and lessons learned. I’m also grateful to you, the listener, for joining me in this special little community […]

Behind the Brilliance 131: Jessica Abel

Abel - Headshot

THE SHOW My nickname for this show is the Creativity Meets Commerce. Jessica has designed systems and processes for her work and offers frameworks for other artists. Her work deals with the hard stuff: staying out of your own way, thinking about the bigger picture of your goals, managing limited time, deciding to charge for your creative […]

Behind the Brilliance 130: Felecia Hatcher


THE SHOW My nickname for this show is the Reinvention Episode. Felecia Hatcher is a White House Award-Winning Entrepreneur, Globally Sought after Speaker and Author who works to rid communities of innovation deserts and creates cool books, products and courses to help Start-Ups, Creatives and Broke Entrepreneurs follow their most epic dreams. In this conversation, […]

Behind the Brilliance 126: Kristi Coulter


    THE SHOW Kristi and I had such a good conversation that lasted about 2 hours. We talked about her essay “Enjoli”,why you’re never too old to start over, and much more. Kristi is a writer and soon-to-be author who penned the (popular and somewhat controversial) essay “Enjoli” on Medium last summer. The response […]

Behind the Brilliance 125: Tipsy Talk Part 2

On Part 2 of Tipsy Talk, listener Priscilla asks about sustaining herself as an artist. I shared my experiences, and we covered a lot including: -why financial literacy is a must for creatives -high level marketing considerations for artists -rethinking how much money is “enough” -why doubling prices is often a great idea -much more! […]