Behind the Brilliance: Pete Chatmon

Pete Chatmon is one of those guys you have a sneaking suspicion you should know, but you aren’t entirely sure why. It might be his cool, confident demeanor (I mean, hello? Look at those frames and that popped collar…) or his amazing versatility or the fact that he’s worked with some of the biggest names in Hollywood (like Scandal star Kerry Washington and talented beauty Zoe Saldana).

Pete  and I had a good, loooooooong conversation. Like, this interview was the first time I seriously contemplated creating some type of “after the show” type of series because there was so much good stuff that came from our conversation.

If you’re a creative, especially a creative with entrepreneurial ambitions, you’ll love this. Pete runs a cool multimedia company, Double 7 Images, and he is both the CEO and a creative Swiss Army knife leading a talented team. Pete talks about his projects, the thought process behind his approach to his work, his approach to writing, and where he thinks his industry is headed.

Oh, and he made a special announcement about an upcoming project of his! Yes, this is a first. But many other people will be inspired to stop by Behind the Brilliance and be all, “Yo, my new movie is coming out on August 8!!”

Give this episode a listen and be sure to connect with Pete on his site and on Twitter.