Behind the Brilliance 49: Lisa’s Top Ten Book List Part 1

One of the most common questions I get is about books – which ones I love, which ones I’m reading, and which ones I recommend. At this point, I’ve read over 200 and I still have 38 in my Amazon Wish List (yikes!).

Rather than keep answering this question privately, I decided to create a 2 part episode where I discuss my top 10 personal development books and why I love them. The why part is important because my deep affection for a book means nothing if you don’t need or want the same things I did when I read it. I firmly believe in the timing of books. I can remember picking a book up in 2008 and thinking it sucked and revisiting it in 2010 and thinking it was the best thing ever. This just comes down to timing and where we are in our lives at any given moment.

So, take a listen to this ep on the first 5 of my top ten list which is in no particular order. Let me know if you’ve read any of these and share any that you’d put on your top 10 list!

Stuff Mentioned In This Episode

The Powermind System

The Four Agreements

The Game of Life and How To Play It

Silent Power

Maximum Achievement