Behind the Brilliance 132: Season 6 Recap

Season 6 was a solid collection of conversations from an eclectic array of folks including writers, entrepreneurs, actors, and artists. I’m grateful to the amazing guests who generously shared their time and opened up about their experiences and lessons learned. I’m also grateful to you, the listener, for joining me in this special little community of people who want to be, do, and have more as we celebrate what we’ve got.


Season 7 launches on July 27.

In the mean time, I’ve recapped 7 episodes from Season 6:
108 – Eric Bahn : entrepreneur + investor at 500 Startups
109 – Jamila Daniel : television writer, Star on FOX
111 – Tamara Floyd : blogger turned entrepreneur
115 – Tina Lifford : star on OWN’s hit television show Queen Sugar
117 – Damon Young : writer + founder, Very Smart Brothas
121 – Dr. Andrew Newberg : neuroscientist + author of How God Changes Your Brain
128 – Tiffany Dufu : Author of Drop the Ball + Chief Leadership Officer at Levo

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