Behind the Brilliance 127: Q+A Values + Business Structure

In the last Q+A episode of Season 6, I answer a question about how I discovered and implemented my system of values and a question about choosing between a lifestyle business and a scalable business.

Topics covered in this episode:

-Why I decided to clarify my values

-The process of choosing and implementing a new values system

-How to troubleshoot faulty values

-How to choose between a lifestyle business and a scalable business

-Why no one is really their “own boss” and why it doesn’t matter anyway

-Much more!


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  • Neeshes

    I’m starting this values exercise and I don’t know how to reconcile the values that I have and the ones that serve that higher self of who I want to be. If I’m operating from a value set that is not bringing what I want in my life what do I do? Just change it? Even if I’m not that person really with that value? What recommendations do you have on how to navigate these parts because I feel like values shouldn’t really change that often. Help.

    • Hi!
      Yep, just change it. You are whoever you choose to be. By that I mean, you get to decide a) how you show up in your life every day and b) what you do with your time and money. Even if you feel “stuck” in the life you currently have, there’s still a lot of things you have control over. Those are the places where you desired values should be expressed. So for example, if you say you value health but you’re eating Doritos and not working out, that’s an obvious misalignment. Even if you can’t afford a fancy trainer or gym, you can do a simple workout at home or outside. You can buy fruits and vegetables instead of junk food. It’s really about changing how you think about the various choices you make daily and then creating new habits so that the change feels more natural over time.

      Values don’t have to change a lot. If you set them this year and you find that they still serve you five years from now, then great. I urge people to revisit them often because sometimes we are struggling against outdated values because things have changed in our lives. When we become partnered (or unpartnered), have children, go through a serious illness, move, change careers, come into a large sum of money, or any other major life change, our values may shift. That’s totally fine. I think the most important thing is to just be aware of that and be okay with that. As long as you are choosing and taking responsibility for your choices, you’ll be in a better place than if you didn’t.

      Thanks for listening to the show!