Behind the Brilliance 124: Dr. Daniel Crosby on Money, Meaning, and Mental Manipulation


This episode is probably in my top 10 favorites of all the BTB episodes because of how practical and important the conversation was. Most so-called finance gurus repeat platitudes about skipping lattes and “saving more” without ever addressing the stuff that really gets in the way of people making the kind of money they want to make and knowing what to do with it when they make it. Daniel and I unpacked all of that and more in this conversation.

Let me + Daniel know what you thought of this episode – did you learn anything interesting?:



Dr. Daniel Crosby | Behavioral Finance Expert + Author, The Laws of Wealth

109c029Dr. Daniel Crosby, a behavioral finance expert and sought after thought leader on market psychology, is the founder of Nocturne Capital. Dr. Crosby created the sentiment and valuation measures that serve as the overlay for Nocturne’s tactical strategy. His ideas have appeared in the Huffington Post, Think Advisor, and Risk Management, as well as columns for and Investment News.

Daniel was named one of Investment News “40 Under 40” and a “financial blogger you should be reading” by AARP. Daniel’s second book, “Personal Benchmark”, co-authored with Charles Widger of Brinker Capital, was a New York Times bestseller that outlines a highly personalized approach to investing that aligns intention with action while fostering an investment experience that is both enjoyable and rational.

TOPICS COVERED (partial list)

-the amount of money research says is optimal for “happiness”

-why you shouldn’t “stay in your lane” when it comes to education and career

-modern considerations for wealth creation

-the reason super smart people get money management wrong

-the connection between money and lifestyle satisfaction

-and much more

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