Behind the Brilliance 115: Tina Lifford


This show should be titled Hustle and Heart because those are the two things Tina Lifford has in spades.

This conversation tells the story of Tina turning her wishful dream into a thriving career, recovering from major life setbacks, and developing the grit and clarity necessary to courageously live life the way she wants.

From getting fired to buying property to choosing projects, this conversation is an inside look at the mindset and attitude of a dynamic artist.

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Tina Lifford | Actress and Entrepreneur

Tina Lifford manages a multi-faceted career as an Actress and CEO of The Inner Project™; she is also an Author, Playwright and Facilitator.

Tina’s focus on inner fitness – building emotional strength that fosters resilience, resolves inner issues, and relieves stress so that you can THRIVE – allows women to take their lives to the next level, and start waking up less stressed, more fulfilled, and feeling more fabulous each and every day.

The work of The Inner Fitness Project ushers women into a bond and partnership with the deepest part of themselves. When women feel something essential is missing from their lives – especially when they have a successful career, wonderful children and a perfect mate – that missing piece is a relationship with the self.

This is embodied in the Inner Fitness Formula motto: When you know your self you are empowered; when you accept your self you are invincible.

To help women get to that invincible place, Tina has written The Little Book of BIG LIES…and TRUTHS that set you free, developed the 14 Practices of Inner Health and Wellbeing – for building and maintaining emotional and spiritual strength, and written THE CIRCLE, a play about how seven diverse women navigate the choppy waters of life together. Her signature workshop, titled The Power of SELF, Self, self, powerfully reconstructs how women see their lives and themselves.

As an Actress, Tina has starred opposite icons such as Clint Eastwood, Bruce Willis, Sydney Poitier and Jennifer Lopez. She has guest starred in nearly a hundred television shows and is best known for her work in Blood Work, opposite Clint Eastwood, and inThe Temptations mini-series as Mama Haze. She played Crosby’s mother-in-law on the NBC show Parenthood for five seasons and recurs as the CIA Director on Scandal. Currently she is starring on the Oprah Winfrey Network series, Queen Sugar.


TOPICS COVERED (partial list)

-How Tina went from wanting to be an actress to being a sought after, working actress

-The story of how Tina took a generous offer from a colleague and turned it into a personal wealth tool

-Why getting fired can be a gift if you have the right perspective

-How Tina chooses her projects

-How Tina coped with losing her brother, dog, and father within 6 months of each other

-Tina’s advice to creatives who want to be wealthy without being controlled by the pursuit of money

-and much, much more!


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