Behind the Brilliance 114: Q+A Creating an Ideal Life

This episode is a Q+A with a question from Leissan. She asks:
“In your opinion, what is the most graceful way to make that transition? From a 9-5 desk job to doing things that are completely nontraditional. I know everyone has their own path, but hearing your transition and how you took the steps to make your ideal life possible would help me construct mine. I’m at the point would require taking some risks and running into trouble with that as well. How do you gracefully take the risk to make your goals happen?”

I answer (and answer and answer and answer – seriously this episode is mad long).

My answer covers a lot of topics:
-mindset and why it matters
-getting a handle on money and the important numbers in your life
-retooling your relationship to time and how you use your time
-the virtues of transitioning instead of leaping
-managing risk
-and much more


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