Behind the Brilliance 111: Tamara Floyd


This week’s guest is hobby blogger turned entrepreneur Tamara Floyd. After launching Natural Hair Rules to scratch her own itch, she grew it into a six figure business and helped thousands of women along the way.

In this episode, we talk about Tamara’s early days in her career, the art and importance of selling, why we love sensory deprivation tanks, how Tamara discovered she was depressed (and what she did about it), and much more.



Tamara Floyd | Founder, Natural Hair Rule

Tamara Floyd Headshot-1Tamara Floyd is a full-time multi-passionate entrepreneur and part-time superhero with a simple mission, World Domination. 

She started her blog, Natural Hair in 2008 as a creative outlet and online natural hair journal. Over the years it has garnered more than one million monthly pageviews and a following nearly 700,000 across all social media channels. She has had the honor of working with top brands and companies such as Sally Beauty, Wal-Mart, and Dove, just to name a few. In 2015, she was awarded Toyota Bloggers Going Places Award. 

She resides in Atlanta, GA with her husband and two sons. 

TOPICS COVERED (partial list)

-How Tamara took a personal interest and turned into a profitable business

-The valuable lesson Tamara learned about investing in herself

-Tamara’s observations about selling, confidence, and the connection between the two

-Why we love sensory deprivation tanks

-How Tamara discovered she was depressed and what she did about it

-Tamara’s ah ha moments around setting boundaries

-and much more!

STUFF MENTIONED IN THIS EPISODE (clickable links below)

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Natural Hair Rules


  • curly mangue

    Thank you for your podcast.

  • BVOye

    Love your podcast! I would love to know what marketing tactics Tamara used and how long she ran her blog before she built a large enough following (to attract advertisers and start to sell branded material)