Behind the Brilliance 107: Season 5 Recap

I’m closing out this amazing season with my recap of the season’s highlight episodes, the three things you should check out during the show’s hiatus, and what I’m currently working on.


Recapped episodes

83 – Colin Wright – how to make a living with a non-standard career, applying reason to relationships + love

88 – The Strangest Secret – a vintage recording on creating success

93 – Bea Arthur – a valuable lesson on resilience and moving through setbacks gracefully

94 – Christina Jones – finding a path to do what you love and get paid for it on your own terms

96 – Gunnar Lovelace – devotion to purpose and overcoming rejection

102 – Kirk Moore – facing dark times with courage and making a life as a creative person

100 – Joyful Ambition – how to go after Moby Dick with tartar sauce and a smile

Q+A episodes: 91, 97, 103 || Birthday Episode: 87

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