Behind the Brilliance 105: Simone Missick


This week’s guest is Simone Missick. This episode is super inspiring. Simone opens up about her journey from waiting tables and holding on to the dream to kicking serious ass as the lead in Marvel’s Luke Cage series on Netflix. We talk about a wide range of topics including persistence, creativity, and much more.



Simone Missick | Actress, Marvel’s Luke Cage – Netflix

Simone Missick is an American film and television actress. She is set to play the female lead role of Misty Knight in the upcoming Marvel Netflix series Luke Cage.





TOPICS COVERED (partial list)

-Simone’s leap from waiting tables to pursuing her dream

-How Simone kept herself going during the dark times in her career

-Simone’s approach to daily motivation and focus

-How Simone got cast in Luke Cage (this story will restore your faith in possibilities)

-Simone’s most important life lessons

-and much more!

STUFF MENTIONED IN THIS EPISODE (clickable links below)

Marvel’s Luke Cage on Netflix

The Battlefield of the Mind (Simone’s book pick)

Their Eyes Were Watching God (Simone’s book pick)

The Bluest Eye (Simone’s book pick)

Detroit: Am American Autopsy (Simone’s book pick)


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