Behind the Brilliance 103: Q+A

This episode is a Q+A where I answer 2 listener questions: one about how to upgrade your group of friends when your life is on the upswing and how to get unstuck when nothing seems to be working.

In this episode, I share my personal experiences with both of these things along with what I’ve seen work well for other people.


  • Anicia

    Ep 103. Man thank you for saying what you were saying about friends. I was feeling so bad but what you said truly validated me. I did the emotional audit, I noticed the shift of energy with the person and I realized I just don’t like them very much. They are not like anything I want to be and never have been. Thank you for helping me not to feel guiltly about letting people go or just putting them from position 1 to position 4.

    • Hi Anicia! You’re very welcome. Friends are a HARD thing. Especially as you continue to evolve and ascend. Know that you’re not alone with how hard and complicated it feels. Also know that it gets better. Thanks for listening and keep shining. xo