Behind the Brilliance 102: Kirk Moore


This week’s guest is Kirk Moore, the super talented writer who currently lends his talents to American Crime (ABC) and 13 Reasons Why (Netflix). This is one of my favorite episodes ever – Kirk was transparent, funny, and insightful.

If you’ve got big dreams, you’ll love this episode. Kirk has had quite the journey, and he pulls back the curtain to share his path to success and in the process, makes you feel like you can do it too.



Kirk Moore | Writer

kirkimage2From the moment Kirk Anthony Moore sat too close to the television set to watch NYPD Blue, he was hooked. The compelling, conflicted characters and intricate storytelling were addicting. Growing up in Houston, TX, the son of a police officer, Kirk was always attracted to police dramas. Those series not only gave him insight into his father’s procedural-like ways, but also made him an avid television fan.


His journey toward a television career began while working in the music industry. That opportunity would lead to jobs in reality television, contributing to projects for BET and TVOne. Eager to transition into scripted television writing, Kirk would spend his days working in the office, while his nights were dedicated to writing television specs. Kirk’s work stands out for his examination of social issues like homosexuality, racism, and poverty. He is a 2014 NBC Writers on the Verge fellow and later began working on Season 2 of AMERICAN CRIME. Kirk was recently staffed on the upcoming Netflix series, 13 REASONS WHY. He’s currently a story editor on AMERICAN CRIME.

TOPICS COVERED (partial list)

-Kirk’s advice to people who feel like their dreams are panning out

-How Kirk lost sight in one of his eyes and how it affected him

-Kirk’s approach to time management

-The story of how Kirk landed his first writing gig after working for a psychic network

-How to survive not having a fortune in your fortune cookie (literally and figuratively)

-and much more!

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