Behind the Brilliance 101: Marlon Nichols


This week’s guest is Marlon Nichols, cofounder and general partner at Cross Culture Ventures. Besides being smart and founder-friendly, Marlon has had quite the career of his own starting out as a consultant and carving his own path to doing what he loves.

During this chat, we talk about his career path, his thoughts on what makes founders great, how he thinks about new opportunities and much more.




Marlon Nichols | Cross Culture Ventures

MNIMG_0343Marlon Nichols is a co-founder and general partner at Cross Culture Ventures (CCV), an early stage venture capital firm with a focus on cultural investing (global trends and shifts in consumer behavior).  Before founding CCV, Marlon was an investment director at Intel Capital where he completed his Kauffman Fellowship.  Prior to his time in venture capital, Marlon led successful careers in software and strategy consulting in the technology, private equity, media and entertainment sectors.  Some of Marlon’s investments include Afrostream, Gimlet Media, Hingeto, LendStreet, LISNR, Mark One (Vessyl), Mayvenn, Mirantis, MongoDB, mSurvey, Sidestep, Skurt, and Thrive Market.  Marlon earned a Bachelor of Science in MIS from Northeastern University and a MBA from the Johnson Graduate School of Management at Cornell University.  Marlon was named to Silicon Republic’s list of 26 venture capital professionals spearheading change in technology investing and as a member of theRegistry’s 40 under 40 Top Diverse Talent.  Marlon has been featured in a number of magazines, blogs, and podcasts.


TOPICS COVERED (partial list)

-Marlon’s journey from corporate consultant to venture capitalist

-Marlon’s advice on pitching (you’ll be surprised)

-The things great founders have in common

-How Marlon thinks about career opportunities

-and much more!


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