Behind the Brilliance 097: Q+A

This week’s episode is a Q+A answering questions on how I created my values-based filters that I use to make key decisions and why time is more important than money.


I cover:

-why values should inform everything we do

-how to identify core values

-how stated values show up in daily life

-why time is more important than money

-why boundaries are critical when it comes to time management

-why good stewardship is a tangible expression of gratitude

-and more!

STUFF MENTIONED IN THIS EPISODE (clickable links below)

Values Assessment (with 400 value options)

Principles by Ray Dalio [PDF]

Maximum Achievement by Brian Tracy

Silent Power by Stuart Wilde

On The Shortness of Life by Seneca [PDF]

No BS Time Management by Dan Kennedy

Eat That Frog by Brian Tracy