Behind the Brilliance 090: Rachel Rodgers


This week, Lisa Likes sensory deprivation tanks. The experience was fascinating, and as with meditation, the busy mind has to be outwitted with patience. I chat about my experience in the tank and the effects it had on me days later.

This week’s guest is lawyer, founder, wife, and mom Rachel Rodgers. We chat about her journey from law school to being the primary breadwinner in her home to finding her path as an entrepreneur to lighting the path for others.




Rachel Rodgers | Founder + CEO, Rodgers Collective

Rachel is a business lawyer turned business coach, intellectual property strategist, and the creator of Small Business Bodyguard.


In 2013, she created the Small Business Bodyguard: Cover Your Bases, Cover Your Assets, Cover Your Ass. This game-changing legal resource has been called “fun and engaging” by New York Times bestselling author Chris Brogan and a “graduate-level course on how to build a strong foundation for your business” by CEO of OurDeal, Kyle Durand.

Rachel is known in the legal industry and beyond for being an innovator and master of productizing services and creating high-quality, high profit products. SBB and the other legal kits she has created have been transformative, generating half a million dollars in revenue in just two years and serving 1,700 small businesses around the country. And she achieved those results with almost no active marketing because she simply didn’t have the time (she literally launched SBB with a newborn in her arms).

When she’s not taking care of clients, she enjoys baking in the kitchen (barefoot, with rosé in hand), lifting weights, juicing (the green kind, not the steroid kind), reading to her toddlers, being a “dance mom” to her girls and going on new adventures with her family (her favorite destination being the South of France, of course!).


TOPICS COVERED (partial list)

How Rachel went from traditional lawyer to career innovator almost overnight

How Rachel got out of her own way and found confidence to do what she wanted to do most

Rachel’s thoughts on women as the primary breadwinner in their families

How to deal with critics

How to conquer fear

The biggest change Rachel made this year

And more!


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