Behind the Brilliance 089: Darrah Brustein


This week, Lisa Likes Persuasion and Sales books. No matter what you do for a living (even if you’re a stay at home parent), you have to eventually convince someone of something. Persuasion is a universally useful skill. Check out the Stuff Mentioned section below for my 5 of my favorite books on the topic.

This week’s guest is founder and superconnector, Darrah Brustein. We chat about her journey to starting her first company, why she thinks everyone should travel, and her advice on networking (she runs the largest networking event in Atlanta!).



Darrah Brustein | Founder + CEO, Equitable Payments and Network Under 40

Darrah Brustein was born and raised on an historic horsefarm outside of Philadelphia. In her youth, she was given many chores and an allowance. But it wasn’t until her family moved south to Baltimore when she was eleven that her financial education truly began. There, she was taught the indelible lessons of saving, earning, investing, and giving back. Upon high school graduation, Darrah was ready for her independence; she moved to Atlanta, Georgia, to attend Emory University. She studied Religion and Italian and graduated Phi Beta Kappa in 2006. After college, Darrah wanted to pursue a passion, so she took a job as a sales rep for a high-end fashion line. Excited to combine her love of clothing and sales, she successfully hit her three-year sales goal in ten months. During this time, Darrah bought a car and a home, all because she was able to institute the lessons she’d been taught as a child about financial responsibility. When she realized she was the exception, not the norm, Darrah decided to do something about it. When Darrah’s not working to spread financial education, she and her twin brother, Garrett, own a merchant services business, Equitable Payments, helping businesses find the best provider for their credit card processing needs. Darrah also owns and runs Atlanta Under 40, a social and professional networking organization. When not working, Darrah is the President of the Emory Young Alumni association, hoping to give back to the school that gave her her start! She is also amongst the founding class of the Atlanta chapter of the Forum of Global Shapers, a hub of the World Economic Forum.


TOPICS COVERED (partial list)

Why Darrah studied Religion and Italian in college

Why you should travel the world

How Darrah found her path as an entrepreneur

The hard truth about book publishing

Darrah’s networking advice (she runs the largest networking event in ATL)

Darrah’s approach to time management

And more!


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