Behind the Brilliance 087: The Birthday Episode 2016 edition

This week’s episode is the annual birthday episode where I share the key things I learned (and remembered) this year.

This episode covers my top 10 lessons:

1. Personal power begins and ends with you.

2. Imperfect doesn’t mean broken.

3. Be your own best friend.

4. The best expression of gratitude is stewardship.

5. If you think you’re a failure, you might be a success by standards you have not yet honored. -Courtney Martin

6. It’s almost never about you so don’t take things personally.

7. There are no neutral forces. Everyone is either adding or extracting value.

8. Now is all there is. Bask in it.

9. Periodically replace periods in your life with question marks.

10. Less can be more.



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  • kia

    This podcast was amazing