Behind the Brilliance 080: Erica Nicole

THE SHOW: This week’s show is filled to overflowing with wisdom, smart advice, and useful observations about life and career. My guest, Erica Nicole, is the definition of a smart and driven person who turned a personal blog into a thriving business and showed an entire generation of young entrepreneurs how to achieve their dreams with class and style.

We chat about her path to success, our thoughts on time management, why Juvenile’s Back That Ass Up should now be Back That Faith Up and much much more.

Shoutout to Robyn Young for her tweet about the show! This week, #LisaLikes House of Cards season 4. Two words: Life. Gotten.


THE GUEST: Erica Nicole of YFS Magazine

Erica Nicole started her career in NYC positioning industry giants like Mercedes Benz, Procter & Gamble, Dell, and AMD to forge innovative pathways in international media. Her insatiable quest for excellence, creativity and accountability kept her at the forefront of strategic planning for Fortune 500 clients; overseeing cumulative media budgets in excess of $25 million.

Today, Erica Nicole is the founder and CEO of YFS Magazine, one of the world’s hottest small business media platforms — the definitive digital magazine for startups, small business and entrepreneurship culture.

As a leading advocate of entrepreneurship culture, along the way she became a global keynote speaker, brand ambassador, syndicated columnist and advisor.

Find Erica Nicole online: | Twitter | Instagram

How Erica made the leap from corporate superstar to thriving entrepreneur
Why Erica chose to start her digital magazine, YFS Magazine
The perils of becoming a “conference ho”
The 5 secrets Erica used to grow YFS Magazine into a global destination
Erica’s perspective on relationships as a female entrepreneur
How to create value in the marketplace

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“I bend my circumstances to my will.” -@YFSEricaNicole

“Gratitude is a game changer.” -@YFSEricaNicole

“Validation is for parking. I validate myself.” -@YFSEricaNicole

“The way you handle your time is an expression of your priorities.” -@LisanicoleBell


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