Behind the Brilliance 077: Maren Kate Donovan

THE SHOW: This week, #LisaLikes blessing the bills (see below). This week’s theme could be resilience. My guest, Maren Kate Donovan is smart, creative, and resilient. During this chat, we talk about her background as an entrepreneur, her approach to time management, Zirtual and what went wrong, how Maren manages tough times, and why Maren’s new venture deals with death.*500.jpgTHE GUEST: Maren Kate Donovan is a serial entrepreneur and the founder and former CEO of Zirtual, a company offering virtual assistants to busy professionals. Maren is now the founder of The Memento Mori Society and continues to write at her blog, Escaping the 9-5.




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-BLESS THE BILLS blog (reposted below)


We’ve all got them but most of us hate them. But what if we decided to take a different perspective to our bills?

Have you ever considered that your bills are actually a blessing? Think for a moment about what a bill is an indication of…a product, credit, or service extended to you in exchange for your payment. With this in mind, a bill is a reflection of you receiving something.

Think about what it’d be like if you had no bills. Your life is free of any payment for any products or services. You live without the perceived headache of mailing checks or pointing and clicking online to pay your bills. But along with that leisurely convenience, you don’t have lights, credit, a car, a home, water, internet, or cable. Suddenly, the bills don’t seem so bad, right?

Our bills are a reflection of our blessings. This week, I encourage you to begin to see your bills as an opportunity for you keep money circulating in our economy. After all, money is energetic and needs to flow. Contrary to popular belief, hoarding money selfishly does not lead to wealth – it leads to a stoppage of the flow of resources necessary for ourselves, our family, and our communities to thrive.

Each time you assume a new responsibility, focus on what you’re receiving. Remember that when you spend money, you have the power and the choice to make a wise investment. If you consistently regret spending money, it may be time to reevaluate how and why you’re spending. Remember that money gives you the ability to choose how you express the abundance that already exists in your life. Consider your bills an extension of that expression.

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