Behind the Brilliance 044: Michael Carney

michaelcTHE SHOW: This week’s guest is Michael Carney, a current editor at PandoDaily and soon to be venture capitalist with Upfront Ventures, the largest early stage venture capital firm in LA. Michael’s appetite for adventure, new experiences, and learning make him a dynamic guy who continues to push boundaries.

BIO: Michael Carney is a West Coast Editor at PandoDaily, covering venture capital, financial technologies, ecommerce, on-demand services, and the future of television, among other subjects. He has spent his career exploring the world of early stage technology as an entrepreneur and early-stage investor, working in multiple countries within North and South America and Asia. He is an enthusiast of all things shiny and electronic and is inspired by those who build businesses and regularly tackle difficult problems.


Stuff Mentioned In This Episode:

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