Behind the Brilliance 028: Julian Mitchell

This fun episode probably has one of the most random mixes of topics ever. Social media director and editor-at-large for Revolt, Julian Mitchell, talks with me about his career, music, his legacy, and what motivates him. He also explains the impact Ralph Emerson had on his life and shares his philosophy on social media. And I discussed why I would be Ralph Waldo Emerson’s baby mama if he was still alive. You should listen.

Stuff mentioned in this episode:
Lisa’s latest piece on Forbes
Ira Glass on Storytelling
Ralph Waldo Emerson

Julian’s Book Recommendations
How to Win Friends and Influence People
Never Eat Alone
Think & Grow Rich
Invisible Man
Go Tell It On The Mountain
The Measure of a Man
Conversations with Myself
The Wealth Cure
Race Matters
The Tanning of America
Seasons of Migration to the North