A Letter to Friends + Fans for 2013

Dear friends and fans,

As we greet a new year with open arms, I’m writing to give you a glimpse of what you can expect from me and share a few reflections and insights for the new year.

As a whole, 2012 was a great year for Inspired Life Media and its subsidiaries. We completed production on a docuseries, ran a program in Liberia, produced a live show and DVD taping based on a book, and created a bevy of new partnerships and initiatives.

For you, this means more films, books, articles, events, and digital content designed to power your life and business. I’ve never been more clear about my purpose and direction, and above all else, I want you to benefit from the things my team and I create.

2013 will not be without its challenges for any of us. What’s more important to note is that what we become and what we achieve are byproducts of what we choose – our thoughts, our actions, our relationships, our projects, and our careers. The more we stay in alignment with the divine plan for our lives, the easier it is to attain our soul’s deepest desires.

With that in mind, I have 3 questions for you for 2013:
1. What word most closely describes what you want for yourself in 2013 and how will your thoughts and actions align with that word?
2. Think of 1 or 2 simple things you can do consistently to yield new progress in your life. How can you keep yourself accountable for those actions?
3. What’s really going to be different this year?

I’m not at all caught up in the hype of a new year and I hope you aren’t either. Instead, I hope you’re focused and prepared and ready to take massive amounts of targeted action.

2013 will be a pivotal year for a lot of people. Make sure you’re one of them.

Happy New Year!